Free Car Health Checks with Green Flag at Activate Sport courses

GF_NMWWe are delighted to announce that some of our Activate Sport courses will be getting a little extra this summer with thanks to Green Flag.

At Activate Sport we believe in a healthy and active lifestyle. We do our best to look after ourselves and our children – but what about our cars? How often do you check the oil, radiator fluid or tyre pressure? All these, and more, can seriously effect the performance, longevity, safety and economy of our treasured mode of transport. We are driving our children around in the summer holidays but have our cars been checked between services?

This is where our friends at Green Flag come in. Green Flag specialise in car health checks and will be visiting some of our Activate Sport courses this summer to offer FREE checks on your car. To top it all off, the specially trained Green Flag mechanics will be ably supported by top rugby stars from the Aviva Premiership! Visiting stars include Luther Burrell, Lee Dickson, Tom May, Will Hooley and Dan Robson.

These star players are all exceptional at the breakdown on the rugby field and know how important it is to be as efficient at the breakdown with your motor vehicles. The support from Green Flag in rugby reflects this great partnership which is being continued through Activate Sport.

England Star Lee Dickson may be one of our rugby players visiting Camps this summer

Venues benefitting from a Green Flag visit include Berkhamsted, Pinewood, Wellingborough and Sherborne Schools,  and Ratcliffe College. Dates will be confirmed very soon.