Free Summer Holiday Activities to do at home

Kid Cupcake

Schools out for summer! And whilst for the kids that might mean the relief of no homework, no maths and no boring lessons until September, for parents around the country keeping everyone entertained all day every day can feel like a great big project in itself. However, with a bit of imagination and a few basic pieces of equipment, there are plenty of great summer holiday activities to do at home that won’t cost a fortune.

Getting culinary – most kids enjoy cooking with their parents, as it’s a great one to one activity that is pretty cheap to do, and which best of all results in a tasty treat. You don’t have to get too involved in recipes and ingredients for this to be fun – something as simple as making orange juice ice lollies, creating fruit shapes, creating cornflake refrigerator cakes, or even dreaming up a new sandwich filling can be an entertaining and productive way to spend a few hours. If your children are too old for the delights of licking the spoon then why not try teaching them an actual skill – for example, how to make the perfect pastry base for a summer tart, baking bread, or creating different types of healthy smoothies.

Getting active – over the summer holidays kids often run out of ways to burn off all that energy so active pastimes are an ideal way to keep them entertained, and get them tired enough to slow down and rest afterwards. Whether it’s an in-house table tennis tournament, a volleyball net in the back garden, teaching teens the benefits of yoga or pilates, or a fun Bollywood dancing session, there are lots of different ways for all the family to get active together at home over the summer.

Getting creative – some of the best summer holiday home based activities are those where you have something to show for all that effort at the end of it. Growing cress or creating a window bag in which kids can watch the process of beans sprouting and growing can be fascinating for younger children, and for those who have a bit more dexterity, why not try learning a new skill together, such as origami. For teens who have an interest in fashion it can be an inspiring experience to be shown how to sew and create clothes for yourself, and if your kids show an interest in painting or drawing then why not set them up with a little easel and give them a still life scene to sketch or paint – you might discover you have the next Picasso in your midst.

There are plenty of options when it comes to the summer holidays, few of which mean that kids have to sit inside in front of the TV or on laptops or games consoles. Although it might seem a bit daunting at first, entertaining the kids at home over the summer can also be hugely enjoying for parents too!

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photo credit: guy schmidt via photopin cc