How To Choose A Summer Camp Experience For Your Kids

Tips to picking a summer camp image

Summer camps and academies are a fantastic learning opportunity for young people. From picking up new skills, to offering the chance to burn off some energy and have a little fun whilst making new friends, they are a great way to make positive use of the school summer holidays with activities that don’t involve mind numbing sessions in front of the TV. They are also a great way for kids to blow off some steam, to release the pent up stress of a school term or annoying siblings and the life skills that children acquire on sports camps will stay with them long after the camp has closed for the summer.

The best way to go about choosing a summer camp for your kids is first of all to simply ask them which one they are interested in. A positive camp experience is one that your child will be looking forward to, and will actually enjoy, and that means choosing an experience that suits their interests. The Brendan Cole Dance Academy, for example, is ideally suited to kids who are interested in learning some dance steps and getting active through rhythm. If your children were glued to the TV during the Strictly Come Dancing series then this is the camp for them!

Another easy way to pick the perfect summer camp for your kids is to choose an activity that you know they are good at. If, after London 2012, your kids suddenly took to the athletics track and showed remarkable promise for hurdles or 100 metres then an academy like the Gold Medal Academy is ideal, as it offers children the opportunity to experience the sports that inspired the whole country during the Olympics.

If you have children who are easily bored, or not particularly interested in one activity, then you might want to consider a camp that covers lots of different activities. Multi Sport and Activity Camps offer a range of activities, including games, arts, crafts, dance, drama and sport, so your little ones are bound to find something in there that they enjoy!

When choosing a summer camp for your kids it’s also important to bear in mind how the camp is organised and who the leaders are. Children need to be inspired by motivated and friendly camp leaders, and of course it doesn’t hurt if your cricket summer camp is being taught by someone like Andrew Flintoff (the Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy)!

Activate Sport works in partnership with the Co-operative to provide a range of exciting summer camp experiences for kids of all ages. All our programmes are written and delivered by qualified instructors and our activities are targeted to be age appropriate. We aim to inspire an active lifestyle, as well as a whole new generation of British sporting heroes.