If we could re-invent the world…

We had a brainstorm at Activate Towers this morning. It was based around a conversation we had with Andrew Flintoff about what he would do if money was no issue and where he wants his Academy to go.

Freddie’s reply included having a brand new facility for both indoor and outdoor use at every school in the country. He said “I’d build a state of the art cricket academy where young kids could learn how to play the game to the highest possible level. It would have everything, a 30,000 seater stadium so we could play games, the best wicket in the world, indoor training facilities, and swimming pools to help young players get fit. You name it we would have it! The new place the football lads have in Staffordshire (St George’s Park), it’d be nothing on this.”

He would have our coaches going into schools and helping to develop cricket: “I’d send sports coaches into every class to teach kids how to play. I never played much sport in school. When you see the facilities some of the public schools have, you know it’s a real priority for them. Kids at some state schools still don’t play that much sport, so I’d change all that, give every kid the chance to play.

I’m biased, I love sport, so for me, that’s reason enough to do it in schools. But playing sport is really important for kids’ lives. The school I went to, there were naughty kids getting up to all sorts in the evening, but I stayed away from all that because I was out playing sport.”

This has whet out appetite as to what we would do. Alas, it is only a light hearted thing though. Unless of course Freddie does get voted in as King of the World…

What would you if you could re-invent the world???? Send us your thoughts to info@activatesport.co.uk