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They are a summer camp blog that provides helpful resources for parents looking to find the best camp for your child. Discover resources on how to afford camps, help kids/parents/counsellors how best to deal with homesickness, helpful tips on preparing your child for camp, and much more.

Expertise from experience camp consultants provides information that will allow you to select the best camp for your child.

Summer Camp Hub strives to be the #1 go to source when it comes to all things summer camps. With most of them having grown up attending summer camps they have all made a lot of memories that they will never forget. The activities and all the new friends they made will stay with them forever.

They conduct in depth research on their summer camp guides to make sure you are getting the latest and most up to date information regarding summer camps. They know just how fun summer camps can be and the lifetime of memories that are made at these camps that is why they do their best when it comes to writing articles.

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