Summer Holidays and what to do with the children?!?

(borrowed from a recent online article)

AS logoThe end of the school year is nearly upon us and it is (almost) every parent’s dream and nightmare rolled into one. The question always crops up at this time of what to do with the children for the 6-8 weeks of summer holiday?

Life is very different to what it was a decade or two ago. We used to let children play in the street without fear or take long holidays from work, safe in the knowledge that no-one will try and take your job while you’re away and yet you are still able to pay the mortgage.

Technology has move on at a fast pace and an easy option is nearly always at hand with fast food and the latest gaming gadgets and consoles. Whilst this may be good for us as parents (keeps them out of our way and out of trouble!), is it good for our children?

The simple answer is no, and we all know it. With child obesity rates soaring in the UK wouldn’t it be great to see our children outside, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air whilst exercising and having fun? Much better than sitting inside a dark room playing the latest violent X-Box game!

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