The AFCA Residential is back!

AF onlyWe are really looking forward to all our camps and Academies this coming summer. There is one extra special one too which is at a new venue in the North West.

We are at Lancaster RGS for AFCA with both day and residential opportunities. We have always looked to run residential Academies but last year we did not run any as we were aware of the cost and the economic climate. After a multitude of enquiries from unhappy campers we have brought it back!

Why do a residential Academy? Quite simply, a residential Academy is often viewed as ‘rite of passage’ for any cricketer. It is like being on tour but…well…we think better! It has all the fabulous benefits of being on the Academy but when the day children go home, there is a special atmosphere that a residential creates. Being away from home is tough for most children (and parents!) but knowing they are in a safe and exciting environment is reassuring.

briggs loungeLancaster RGS has excellent facilities and we know the catering is superb too! We hope that the lure of 5 days for the rest of the family in the Lake District while your young cricketers are enjoying a week with us will be an appetising one. Click here for more information and the link to AFCA at Lancaster RGS.