The Green Flag Challenge

GFASOver the next few weeks we have an extra feature on some of our summer courses. With thanks to Green Flag, we will have free car health checks for parents on a given afternoon. These will be carried out by a Green Flag mechanic and Premiership Rugby Star!

On these, and several more of our camps, we are running a Green Flag Challenge where children will ask the visiting athlete and inspirational sporting role model a series of questions. We are looking for one athlete to score the most points and be crowned Winner of the Green Flag Challenge!

The questions and answers are below. How many would you get right? How many do you do?


  1. How often should you check the oil level in your car?
  2. How often should you change your car oil?
  3. How often should you check your transmission fuel (this keeps your car gears operating properly)?
  4. Coolant keeps your car running cool, how often should you check this?
  5. How often should you check your brake fluid?
  6. How often should you check your power steering fluid?
  7. How often should you check your tyre pressure?
  8. What is the legal limit for tyre tread in the UK?


  1. Once a month
  2. Every 3 months
  3. Once a month
  4. Twice a year, once before the winter and once before the summer
  5. Once a month
  6. Once a month
  7. Once a month
  8. 1.6mm

Look out for our star visitors tweeting their scores!