Unusual sports to try!

UnderwaterHockeyWhilst there’s no doubt that football and rugby remain some of the most popular sports in the UK – and around the world – there are many other options when it comes to getting active than simply kicking a ball around a pitch or over a goal post. In fact, there is a whole different side to sports that most people are completely unaware of with a raft of unusual options just waiting to pique the interest of sports fans looking for something a bit different to play and watch.

Knuckleracket, for example, is a variation on the traditional game of tennis, taking the tennis racquet and changing the way it is used. The handle of the traditional racquet shape disappears in Knuckleracket and the grip is moved to behind the racquet head, allowing a feeling of punching the ball, as if boxing with it. This type of racquet can be used in a traditional game of racquetball, either indoors or out, and provides an excellent all over body workout, as well as being highly beneficial for boxing training. It’s ideal for kids to get the hang of, as the design of the Knuckleracket offers much better control when it comes to hitting the ball.

Rock-It-Ball is another unusual sport that is becoming popular in the UK and has spread from a large number of schools to universities and colleges. The equipment is a little like that used in lacrosse, although the stick has a solid thrower/catcher at the end. There are five players on each team and the idea is to dribble by rock-ing the ball between the two ends, scoring points by hitting an opponent with the ball between the shoulders and the feet, or by catching a ball that has been thrown by an opponent.

There are lots of other options for unusual sports in the UK if you’re looking for something different, whether to interest the kids in, to play as a family, or for you personally. For example, underwater hockey, which is a great way to get fit in the low impact environment of the swimming pool, and ‘street luge,’ which essentially involves recreating the environment of a luge but with an enlarged skateboard on a street (in a safe environment, of course). If you want to introduce an element of silliness into your sporting options then there are plenty of choices there too – why not try bog snorkelling, black pudding throwing or even tin bath racing (for those that can swim). There’s no limit to the wide range of unusual sports to participate in – all you need is a little imagination and a lot of enthusiasm.

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