Zing Performance: A Revolution in Mental Training (Part 1 of 2)

Zing Performance

Activate Sport is excited to announce a new partnership that it has established with Zing Performance, an organisation that uses science to help increase brain function in academic, work and sport situations. In a sporting context Zing focuses on the fact that great athletes – or even simply those who want to get the most out of sport – need great coaching. However, no matter how professional the coaching, every athlete also needs the brainpower to be able to retain and use what is taught during those coaching sessions.

Research has proven that by performing certain physical activities, the neurological pathways in the brain can be strengthened and re-trained to function more effectively – this makes the learning and recalling of many types of skill far easier. Like with any muscle in the body, the brain needs to be exercised so that it can work at its optimum level. That’s where Zing comes in, giving the brain a thorough workout enabling the brain to work more efficiently

Zing doesn’t do coaching but develops the brain to enable it to, learn, retain and recall key skills quickly and consistently when they are required. Its aim is one of ‘fundamentally rewiring’ the brain – something that was thought not previously possible – to deliver fantastic results. These results impact in areas such as the speed with which skills and knowledge are picked up, in improving concentration and reducing mental tiring and being able to recall training quicker. Zing can benefit consistency, coordination, spatial awareness and areas that affect composure i.e. those things that affect ‘your game’ and require a calm response. In addition to benefiting sporting performance, Zing can have a profound affect on academic performance too, where concentration, retention and consistency are also vital elements.

Enormous improvements and benefits can be had from rewiring the brain in this way – but how does it work? Essentially, Zing offers a course of physical activities sent to the participant to access via a smartphone, tablet or computer. Activities are carried out for just 5-10mins a few times a day for around six months and will rewire fundamental areas of the brain in order to see lasting changes in the way the brain functions with respect to participating in sport. Every four weeks during the course, the brain is assessed to see where progress is being made and because the course is personalised, suggested improvements are tailored to the individual to enable them to reach that end goal.

From the 1st of September, Zing Performance launches Zing Junior Sport, a remarkable new course designed to develop both agility and ability skills in the brain. As part of the partnership between Activate Sport and Zing performance, 20 children from Activate Sport courses will be able to participate for free in the six-month training programme with Zing. We are enormously excited to see the results that are achieved by this innovative new training system, particularly when it comes to young and impressionable brains that are just are the right stage to be ‘wired’ for success in sport, and in a broader context of life in general. If you’d like to know more about Activate Sport or Zing Performance please see our website.