Zing Performance: A Revolution in Mental Training (Part 2 of 2)

Zing performance2

In Part 1 of this series of two blogs we introduced the exciting new partnership that has been established between Zing Performance and Activate Sport. The culmination of the partnership will be that 20 children from our Activate Sport courses will be able to take part in the six-month training course provided by Zing that will enable them to increase their brain function – to ‘rewire’ the brain in order to increase performance, endurance, coordination and commitment – to produce a better overall sporting and academic performance.

The science behind the Zing performance method is based on the signals that are sent to and from various parts of the brain during sport. The motor command (the message to a muscle to contract) for a sporting movement is sent from the motor cortex of the brain to the muscles, and at the same time a duplicate of this command is sent to something called the ‘hind brain.’ The hind brain then takes this command and generates a prediction of what should happen, which is based on those that have gone before – i.e. what typically happens when the action is attempted.

When the muscles move in accordance with the motor command, the somato-sensory cortex receives feedback which is compared with what was predicted by the hind brain, and notes any discrepancies for future reference. The predictions made by the hind brain create an ‘internal model’ which is continually adjusted based on the discrepancies between what actually happened and the prediction. This is the process of accumulating ‘experience’ which is then built into a skill.

The key part of the Zing Performance method is based in the hind brain and the fact that when the command is sent to the muscles the hind brain will send its own message to the muscles based on what has happened when that action was attempted before – and then adjust the response/action. In most people’s brains that essential adjustment from the hind brain to the muscles isn’t getting there in time so that the same mistakes are made over and over again and a weakness remains. Zing identifies which links are missing and creates a personalised plan to ensure that the right adjustments are made to ensure ongoing improvement and increased performance.

Zing’s research has proven that by retraining the brain to make those missing links, physical activities can be carried out more effectively as the neurological pathways are strengthened and retrained. The result is faster performance, better communication between brain and body and longer periods of concentration. For example, Zing can help cricketers achieve better concentration when fielding and sharper timing when batting, as well as improving the general communication between players. In rugby, it boosts player confidence, coordination, balance and reaction speed, and in athletics it provides track composure and confidence, increases reaction speed and steadies balance. Click here to discover how Zing helped one golfer to reduce her handicap from 24 to 7 in a matter of weeks.

We will be posting a follow up blog with the results from the 6-month training being undertaken so that we can demonstrate just how effective the system is. In the meantime if you would like any information on any Activate Sport courses, please see our website.